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Dog Boarding in Our Home

$55-75/night (D.O.D.*)

                                 * depending on dog

We operate out of our home and currently average one guest dog per person. Unlike other kennels and boarding facilities, we are able to offer a unique and unparalleled positive boarding experience that closely mimics life in your home: guests nap inside on comfortable dog beds, play together in our large, secure backyard, and sleep with us in our bedroom at night. We regularly take out the toy basket for supervised indoor playtime!

Guests are under our direct supervision so there is little bullying, barking, begging or otherwise inappropriate behavior. We focus on using rewards based techniques and utilize crates and baby gates for the occasional short-term timeout.


Before reserving your dog's spot, feel free to schedule a Meet n' Greet at our place, or book your stay directly. Proof of Vaccinations is required upon drop off including: Rabies & DHPP. For the comfort and well being of all of our guests we require every dog to be current on flea/tick preventative. Bordatella/Kennel Cough is strongly recommended. We accept titer tests in lieu of vaccinations.

We understand that every dog is an individual and has a different life story, so whether you have a dog that is already well mannered or one that needs a little extra guidance and attention, there's always a place for your dog at the Doggie Day Inn. We feel our basic and full service rates are very competitive and offer a great value!


House Kibble
Applying medications
Walks/Hikes/Trips to Wildcat, Point Isabel or Point Pinole
Dogs under 1.5 years old

Excessively energetic dogs who can not settle down
Unspayed/Unneutered dogs
Consistently inappropriate social behavior

Separation anxiety / unable to be left unsupervised
Excessive barking

Very shy or fearful dogs
Marking indoors

Holiday Rates apply (x-mas, new years, thanksgiving)​

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